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Victoria’s Story (In her own words)

Victoria Barrett Anti Bullying Pledge

I felt compelled to share my story after so many people reached out to me during my incident stating “if they only knew what was happening to me they would have helped”.  I can remember feeling alone like no one cared but they did, and I hope by sharing my story you to can find the love and support you need.

Bullying comes in many forms from verbal, physical, and cyber such as facebook & texting which can subject you to non-stop harassment even after the school day is done. Bullies pray on your weaknesses and can deeply affect your feeling of self -worth.

Each and every one of us is susceptible to being bullied and it can lead to depression, isolation, even thoughts of suicide.

It was my senior year in high school and I had just made honor role. Like any other senior I looked forward to an easy year, prom, finals, and driving but life would take a different turn. In the weeks leading up to the incident things had escalated. Facebook & texting had made it easy to subject me to non-stop harassment even after school was done. The day it all came to a head I had just left school, which was only 1/2 mile from my home.

I was kicked, beaten, blacked out and left on the side of the road. In the 30 seconds before I hit the ground, I knew it was bad and that my life would probably never be the same. After reconstructive surgery to my face and plenty of hard work I returned to school and graduated with my senior class.

I had survived physically but it would take a lot longer to emotionally survive… Most people didn’t know what to say to me; others wished they could have helped and if they had known would have taken a stand against what I was going through .The antibullying bracelet represents the girl I was, the incident I survived and the person I have become. I wear it with pride and I hope you will find a little of your own meaning with it.

victoria barrett anti bullying

My bully was a childhood friend, someone who knew all my deepest thoughts that made it easy for her to bully me. Emotionally it was devastating to have your personal thoughts and feelings shared with others. I spent a long time thinking my life was worthless and I was to blame for what was going on.

I hope to change with the Stop, Think, Feel Campaign … We need local money to fund local programs.  We are a real people, telling a real story, our headquarters is located in Cranston, Rhode Island and we hope one day to have headquarters around the world.  .

Our first goal will be to print enough anti-bullying wallet cards to have them in every local School. These cards will have helpful tips, ways to get immediate help and hotline phone numbers.

Hotlines are funded by the government.  I invite everyone to call one I did and got valuable local information and talked with someone live right away.

“You don’t have to be in immediate danger to use it.”

If you need to talk with someone now call 1-800-784-2433

National Suicide & Help line. “You can talk to a live person ASAP”